viernes, 26 de agosto de 2016

Wild Weird West (I): The Necromancer

The Wild Weird West is like a moth to a flame to all sort of people... Such as our today´s case, the european necromancer who crossed the ocean to the call of secrets knowledge, exotic adventures and, why not, appetizing rewards and treasures...

miércoles, 27 de julio de 2016

Tons of ink drawings!

So long without updating... so here's a sampling of some things drawn lately...

The Merc and the Maiden

Fantasy shinobi

The Skeleton and the Warrior

Radu the Vampire

Hyperborean Chieftain

Irish Kern Warrior

domingo, 3 de abril de 2016

Scene from a sevillian tabern, 17th Century

There was a time when it was most valued honor that personal security; a time in which abounded offenses and duels... Ironically, it was a time when picaresque and common crimes were daily... It was a time of religious fervor and even intolerance, but at the same time was the age of rationalism and Cartesianism... Certainly a time of contrasts...

For the picture I tried to mimic the tenebrism style and the chiaroscuro own of the painting Sevillian School (unsuccessfully, I think)

(Click the image to see with more detail)

sábado, 5 de marzo de 2016

Horrabin the Clown

When Horrabin is upset, nobody rests in Rat Castle...

Horrabin the Clown, created by Tim Powers for his excellent novel "The Anubis Gates" (which I highly recommend)

(Click the image to see with more detail)

I want to leave here a historical quote I found on Rat Castle, a real place, in any case:

“[t]he castle was a large dirty building occupied by thieves and prostitutes, and boys who lived by plunder. On the removal of these buildings, in 1845, the massive foundations of an hospital were found, which had been built in the 12th century by Matilda, Queen of Henry the First, daughter of Malcolm, King of Scotland, for persons afflicted with leprosy”

lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016


Sometimes I start with an improvisation which later I dedicate it to tweak and tweak in an obsessive-compulsive way, until finally I decide not to touch again...

In this case, here I leave a personal interpretation of Pallas Athena, the Olympian goddess of wisdom, accompanied with her traditional paraphernalia: the owl, the helmet, the spear, the aegis-shield and the olive tree...

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2016


An ogre plus an undetermined number of goblins... Very-very quick digital sketch just for fun...

(and yes, a little bit of inspiration comes from the Master-Blaster characters from Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome (1985) )

lunes, 1 de febrero de 2016

A little mistake of translation

What unspeakable horror can you summon because of a little mistake of translation?

(as usually, click the image to see with more detail)

By the way, this entry means the 200th of this blog! Hurry!

lunes, 18 de enero de 2016

The Howler in the Dark

A personal interpretation of Nyarlathotep in the avatar of the "Howler in the Dark"...

(as usually, click the image to see with more detail)

viernes, 15 de enero de 2016

The Barbarian arrives in the Shemitic Town

Just pure entertainment for a couple of drawing sessions, without further... And, by the way, a humble tribute to Robert Erwin Howard.

(as usually, click the image to see with more detail)

viernes, 8 de enero de 2016

Venger, the vengeful

Just an unplanned and improvised quick sketch of the main badass and villain of the 80´s animation tv series "Dungeons and Dragons", and his demon shadow spy...